SAFA Collections

SAFA brand that brings you the ultimate in quality hotel bed linen for your rooms. With our commitment to quality, comfort, and durability, we are confident that SAFA will become your best choice for all your bedding needs.

At SAFA, we understand that the key to a restful night's sleep is the quality of your bedding. That's why we've created a range of hotel bed linen that is soft to the touch, comfortable to sleep on and built to last. Our bedding is made from premium materials that are carefully selected for their durability and performance, ensuring that your investment in a set of SAFA linen is your best choice.

e concept

Econcept is a brand that offers hotel equipment items that are high durable and affordable. Their range of hotel equipment includes in room and bathroom accessories, housekeeping equipment’s, lobby equipment’s.

All of their products are designed with guest comfort in mind and are made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use. Econcept's products are also engineered to be affordable, which makes them an excellent option for hoteliers looking for cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. With Econcept, hoteliers can rest assured that their guests will enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay while using their equipment’s.

CEVER Collection

CLEVER combines elegance, high quality and durability in all its products. CLEVER offers a range of items for your hotel, including bed linen, towels, and amenities.

Each item in CLEVER collection is crafted with the utmost care, using only the finest materials to ensure exceptional quality and long-lasting durability. The brands attention to detail and commitment to excellence are evident in every stitch, every weave, and every design.

With its commitment to quality, durability, and elegance, CLEVER is the perfect brand for those who appreciate the quality things in life. Discover CLEVER collection today and elevate your hotel with the best in luxury and style.

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Our Brands

MARVELOUS Collection

Marvelous it's a symbol of quality and durability. Marvellous products are carefully crafted using only the finest materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure that withstand the regular daily use.

Marvelous understands that hotel need high durable and sustainable products to withstand the daily impacts, so they guarantee products that are not only durable, but also comfortable.

Relying on Marvelous means that you are investing in good-looking hotel products and modern designs in order to provide the ultimate guest’s experience.

Ajyad Collection

Ajyad is a new brand that specializes in providing a durable quality of hotel bedding at competitive prices. The brand is committed to offering its customers the best value for their money by producing mid-quality products at affordable prices.

Ajyad collection contains a wide range of products includes bed sheets, pillows covers and duvet covers that provide guests with a comfortable experience during their stay at hotels.

Ajyad is the perfect choice for hospitality businesses looking for med-range bedding products at reasonable prices.

Acca Kappa Amenities

Acca Kappa. A historic brand of excellence in creating fragrances & body care and wellness products. A world of sensory and olfactory experiences inspired by the fragrances of the flowers and plants found in Italian gardens. Four generations of craftsmen and an absolute passion for simplicity and authentic beauty that can be seen in every item produced and in every tiny detail.

Geneva Guild Collection

The GENEVA GUILD cosmetics have been especially created to satisfy the most discerning customers.  
We have a wide range of Soaps, shampoo, body and hair products which all contain natural extracts, such as from Aloe flowers and Green Anise to relax or purify the body you will enjoy your daily rituals just that little bit more.